Back in Tokyo

Just arrived back from our 4 day trip to Osaka. Osaka has lesser skyscrapers than Tokyo and the weather was much colder. It even snowed yesterday! We also went to Himeji to see the Himeji Castle but it was closed that day. We visited Kyoto for a couple of hours and had some chinese food there heheh. It was a very pleasant trip and the only bad thing was (except for the cold weather) the inn we stayed at. The room was big but it smelled like salted fish and the toilets was all japanese style (which was shared by all the guests at the hostel). Have to go now, catch up later!

Tadah, bought and consumed sushibento at Mini Stop, a convenience store near Toyoko Inn. I already like this hotel, the lobby is big (at least compared to the previous hostels we stayed at) and it looks clean. We have not gotten our room yet since check-in time is 16.00 (but we already checked in our luggage).

So far the trip has been very very enjoyable and I have tried both fatty tuna (soo good, it really litteraly melted on my tounge) and Kobe beef (very expensive, around 450kr each person for 170g but it was very very tasty).
Me and Honey are going to Chiba to visit and have a meal with Jakob and Helena. Think it will be Shabu shabu and sushi. Have to wait til 16.00 before we will be leaving for Chiba though, going to make honey company now.
Guess I will be updating more frequently now that I have access to a computer with internet for free.

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