Akihabara, Chiba and Tokyo Tower!

Tadahh, already spent 3 days in Japan and it is great! We went to Akihabara the same day we came and checked out the number 1 spot for anime geeks. Every street is just full of anime related things and we even saw some maids. Yesterday we visited Helena och Jakob in Chiba and ate some delicious and cheap sushi, we also celebrated christmas together with some korean meat meal and sang karaoke. Was very enjoyable.
Today, me and honey went to Ginza and tested Japanese curry. Ginza is full of brand names and everything we saw was kinda expensive. We also went to a park and Tokyo Tower. Tokyo Tower was a bit of a let down since it was full of people and we have to wait in line for about 40 min to get up to the special observatory. Well, it's Christmas and the streets are full of lovey dovey couple. Guess Japanese people like to celebrate christmas with their friends than with their family.

Well, going to get some rest now. Merry Christmas to you all!

Postat av: Helena

Merry Christmas!

ps do you mean Ginza and not Chiba? or did you come back here without visiting me hehe

Postat av: Camilla

Ååå, ni får inte glömma att lägga upp lite bilder sen. Låter som ni har det underbart!

2009-12-26 @ 02:09:36
Postat av: Erica

Måste vara fint i Tokyo just nu med alla ljusslingor och sånt... inte för att det inte är fint i Helsingborg just nu. Med alla våra ljusslingor och alla ljus i fönstret och snön (som dock har smält bort nu).

Glöm inte ta massor av bilder!!! Jag vill ha bilder från Ginza by night! XD

2009-12-28 @ 23:34:52
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