Soon time to head home

Last day in Japan, going to spend it with shopping and good food. We will arrive at Helsinborg Knutpunkten 23:52 on Tuesday the 5th and hope that father or Kiet can pick us up. If someone sees this please leave a comment and tell about our arrival time to my family (since noone of my family except my sis reads my blog).

My backpack is really heavy, do not have a scale so I do not know how much it actually weighs, hope that it is not too heavy.

Postat av: Jenny

Har du inte sagt till de innan...i värsta fall kan du ju bara ringa de när du nästan är framme.

Men jag notifierar de för säkerthetskull om de inte redan vet.

2010-01-04 @ 14:25:42
Postat av: Anna

De vet vilken dag men inte vilken tid. Tack!

2010-01-04 @ 23:47:15
Postat av: Helena

Lycka till på resan!

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